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Tulderheyde stretches amongst wide nature reserves, providing a welcoming tranquility. Our surroundings are outstanding for limitless hikes and bike rides. Recharge yourself under our tree canopy and wander around our tiny sanctuary. 


Our holiday resort was established by our father Jan Sannen in the golden sixties. He built a fully operating village on the rough Tulder meadows, supplying all necessities from scratch. Given its location amongst wide nature reserves local authorities were contending the idea at first. After lengthy, laborious deliberations Jan finally succeeded! 


At the annual holiday fair in Brussels he displayed a prestigious model of his ambitions. A large swimming pond was dug, the acces road was constructed, and by diligent handicraft they took care of all crucial infrastructure. An area of 27 ha was transformed into a holiday resort, an extraordinary endeavour at that time.


The resort flourished due to its sociable and convivial atmosphere. Our volunteers engaged in bingo-nights, soccer tournaments, playback shows, flea markets and various performances. 


"Greetings from Tulderheyde"

Ria & Mirese

What a wonderful and carefree environment to grow up. How we cherish all these unforgettable memories! Undoubtedly, by the turn of the century we decided to continue our father’s venture!


 We quickly realised it wasn’t all fun and games… In 2002 a fire eradicated our head office. Hundreds of documents and photographs displaying our rich history were reduced to ashes. This event leaves us startled up until now. However, we were never raised to surrender! 


Guided by our father’s love and devotion we’ve evolved tremendously over the past few years. We’ve inherited all his enthusiasm to continue his journey and create a heavenly refuge for travellers, wanderers and parttime inhabitants. Our dearest residents haven’t missed a single holiday season for the last 30 years!

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